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​5 Tips to answer brain teaser questions in a job interview

Brain teaser questions are unrelated to the job you have applied for but interviewers ask these questions to assess your problem solving and analytical skills. The questions are designed to know how well you can respond or solve the problem without getting confused.

The following tips will help you nail the brain teaser questions asked in a job interview:

1. Bring a pen and paper

Most of the interviewers allow you to use pen and paper, especially while solving brain teaser questions. Do take permission before using it. If permitted, start writing down points that would help you with the answer.

2. Relax

Try taking deep breaths. Getting flustered by these questions won’t help, so try to stay as calm as possible. The interviewer is very curious to know how you can handle the stress of these questions. So, don’t panic if you are not able to answer the question.

3. Ask for clarification

Don’t hesitate to clear your doubts about the question. It is better to be clear before and to know what the interviewer expects as an answer. An interview is a conversation between two people so be comfortable while clarifying your doubts

4. Explain your answer

If you are working on the answer in your mind, think out loud. It is important for the interviewer to know about your thought process and how you are reaching a decision. Be sure to explain each step in your thinking process.

5. It is okay to not know all the answers

Be prepared to tell them that you couldn’t come with an answer if you are stumped by a question. It’s okay to ask if you can return with an answer later. Otherwise, let it go. You would not want to lose all your focus stressing about a tough question.

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