5 part-time and remote jobs to boost your income

Everybody wants a good job but many want to work on specific tasks, or work with different organisations at one point of time. Hence the rise of consultant roles. Most such roles can be performed remotely or even part-time. Even those who are working full time can pursue such roles and boost their income as well.

Here are some part-time jobs that one can explore:

Freelance Writers
There is a rising demand for freelance content writers in the industry who have an idea. Writers who know search engine optimization and can conveniently help in boosting the rank of a website are much sought after.

Customer Support Specialists

Customer support specialists are skilled professionals who have a keen interest in communications, problem-solving and helping the people. It is a flexible job and the person can work according to his convenience.

Social Media Executives

Nowadays companies are looking for social media executives who can increase the digital reach of their companies. This is a promising role with a high pay, provided how talented the professional is.

Virtual Tutors

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, people are reluctant to leave their houses and are looking for online tutors to learn various subjects and skills. A virtual tutor earns quite well and has flexible timings too.

Data Entry Operators

Data entry jobs are for the people who are skilled in typewriting without any errors. This part-time job can be done flexibly, as per personal schedule.

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