Are the Cowin E7 ear pads replaceable?

Best answer: Yes, the Cowin E7’s ear pads are easily replaceable, but not without some risk to the headphones themselves, and potentially voiding the warranty.

How to replace the Cowin E7 ear pads

The Cowin E7 Bluetooth headphones are some of the most popular wireless headphones on Amazon and for a good reason. With a decent sound, a reasonable price, and features like NFC pairing that other more expensive options lack, it’s easy to see why. However, just because the headphones aren’t overly expensive doesn’t mean that you’re going to want just to toss them into the trash because the ear pads lose their luster.

Even though Cowin may not specifically offer replacement ear pads or support the removal of the original pads, there are options from third parties available. Taking off the original pads isn’t super simple, but it isn’t terribly difficult, either. Since the ear pads are attached with a bit of adhesive, all it takes is a good hold on the headphone and a tug on the ear cup to tear the old one off. Then it’s as simple as peeling the backing off the new pad and sticking it on.

What are the risks involved in replacing the Cowin E7 ear pads?

While replacing the ear pads on the Cowin E7 headphones is possible, you may risk voiding your warranty because the headphones weren’t officially designed to have the pads replaced. It’s also possible that while attempting to remove the original pads, you could damage the headphones.

You’ll want to be sure to grab the back of the earpiece rather than the headband to reduce the risk of damage. If you decide to proceed with removing your original ear pads due to it being damaged or dirty, do so carefully. If all goes well, you’ll be able to continue using your headphones with some fresh pads.

If you don’t want to take the risk, you can pick up another pair of the Cowin E7 headphones.

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