Best Heavy Duty Cases for Galaxy Note 10+ in 2020

Heavy Duty Cases for Galaxy Note 10+
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The Galaxy Note 10+ was designed to be a big workhorse of a smartphone, but it’s far from being a rugged phone with all that glass used on the front and back. No matter what job you work for a living, phone drops can and will happen. You’re better off to be prepared for when the inevitable happens with a heavy-duty case.

Don’t let your Note 10+ take unnecessary damage

Seriously, I get it. You don’t like the idea of buying an expensive phone and covering up all that beauty with a case. But just think back to that moment when your naked phone took a nasty fall and the anxiety as you bend over to inspect the damage, thinking “I should have just put a case on it!”

Don’t let that happen to you with your Note 10+ — not when there are so many stylish options out that still keep your phone protected. Our top pick in terms of pure rugged reliability is the SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro which is about as rugged a case as you can buy for any phone, designed with accents and textures to ensure the phone never slips out of your hand.

For a more minimalist design, there’s the Spigen Tough Armor which doesn’t muck about much with fancy accents and keeps a very clean look and feel. But if you simply must show off the back of your phone — and we wouldn’t shame you for it with a phone this gorgeous — we have to recommend the Ringke Fusion X which does a great job of combining heavy-duty protection in the corners and edges with a stylized clear backplate.

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