Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cases in 2020

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Cases
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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Lite gave us an early look at what the design of the Galaxy S20 lineup would look like with the camera hump on the back and Infinity Display. The real story here, however, is that this smartphone shows that Samsung knows how to provide a flagship-level experience without breaking the bank. Even so, you’ll need to keep your investment protected because this phone just looks that amazing. These are the best cases to choose from!

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Spigen’s been in the case game forever and the Rugged Armor is the de-facto choice for many. The case offers Spigen’s “Air Cushion” technology, along with a slim TPU design and interior spider-web pattern for improved shock absorption. With raised edges, your Galaxy S10 Lite is sure to withstand any scratches that could potentially be caused if you didn’t use the Rugged Armor.

$13 at Amazon

Olixar’s Attache case has all the standard “features” that you could want from a case tasked with protecting your precious device. There’s shock absorption thanks to the TPU build and tactile buttons and still manages to stay lightweight. That Attache doesn’t stop there as the leather back adds a professional look, along with providing a bit more grip than you would expect.

$13 at Amazon

With the Caseology Vault, you get an excellent and rugged design that is both slim and protective. The Vault is compatible with “most” screen protectors, so you don’t have to worry about the edges pushing up your screen protector accidentally. Plus, this case is slimmer than one would expect, while still offering a great amount of protection against drops.

$13 at Amazon

Why would you throw a device as beautiful as the S10 Lite into a case, never for it to see the light of day? The Spigen Liquid Crystal ensures that your device stays as clean as it was out of the box while still allowing you to show it off to everyone. Plus, with the durable TPU material, the S10 Lite will be safe from accidents, while ensuring it doesn’t slip out of your hands.

$12 at Amazon

Some cases can be a bit finicky, as some have different coatings that make the phone uncomfortable, or just downright annoying. Abitku’s Slim Liquid Case falls under the former category with its gel rubber material, combined with the hard polycarbonate shell. However, the real story is the built-in microfiber lining that can be found on the inside of the case.

$12 at Amazon

If protection is the name of the game, then chances are you’re looking for a screen protector to go along with your new case. The Olixar Sentinel has you covered, as the company offers both in a single package. You will need to install the protector yourself, but then you’ll have 360 degrees of protection and Olixar’s two-year warranty to back you up.

$25 at Amazon

There’s nothing wrong with a plain-jane case that doesn’t add a bunch of bulk to the already-sleek Galaxy S10 Lite. Anccer’s Ultra-thin case adds almost no extra weight while coming in a few different colors to match your style. Although the case itself is smooth and lightweight, it has enough of a texture to help ensure that the S10 Lite stays in your hand and not on the ground.

$12 at Amazon

The Galaxy S10 Lite is already a gorgeous device, so why not get an awesome case to show it off and add some style? Huness’ Clear Flower TPU case is crystal clear, save for the floral pattern that can be found in the corners on the back. This design, luckily, doesn’t take up so much of the case that you’re left with not being able to see the phone.

$9 at Amazon

The Westillux PU Leather Case is unique in the fact that its design looks somewhat like a book, with stitching coming out of the camera cutout. Although this is just PU leather, it keeps your S10 Lite slim and lightweight, while still looking sleek and professional. The soft TPU material on the edges will help protect from accidental screen cracks when dropped on the corners.

$13 at Amazon

PopSockets are all the rage, but what about a case that has something even better built-in? The ATUSIDUN Rotating Ring Case comes in a few different colors, but the ring stand offers 360 degrees of rotation, and a 180-degree flip so that you can use the ring to prop up your S10 Lite. However, there’s another trick up its sleeve: The middle of the ring will also work with your magnetic mounts when you’re ready to hit the road.

$12 at Amazon

Nobody likes when their phones drop to the floor and land on the corners because that’s when we expect disaster to strike. The ESR Essential Zero combats this with reinforced corners for better protection while maintaining a sleek and slim look for your sleek and slim S10 Lite. With the ESR’s “Micro-dot” patterned design, you won’t have to worry about it looking like there’s water in between the case and your phone.

$10 at Amazon

If you could leave your wallet at home and just take your phone with you, why wouldn’t you? The obvious answer is because of what we need on a daily basis, but with the OTOONE Flip Folio Wallet Case, you don’t have to worry about carrying another item with you. There are three card cutouts on the inside flap, a large pocket for cash or receipts, and magnetic closure so the cover doesn’t accidentally open.

$8 at Amazon

Pick what fits your needs

It doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, are a stay at home parent, or are on a construction site, you’ll need a case to protect your investment. When it comes to the Galaxy S10 Lite, it’s hard to look past the Spigen Rugged Armor as this case is a favorite for many with its slim design and reliability. Plus, who doesn’t still love the carbon fiber accents on the top and bottom that have become a staple of the Rugged Armor line?

Those who need a bit more of a “professional” look will want to check out the Olixar Attache with its leather back and lightweight design. The leather backing provides extra grip while looking good in the process and keeping your S10 Lite protected. Plus, Olixar offers a two-year warranty on the case in the event that it breaks down or something goes wrong over time.

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