Google’s new search tools help you find the perfect pop culture GIF

Google has launched a few tools to make it a lot easier to find the right GIF for your conversation.

The tools work like this: search for a celebrity or fictional character in the drop-down box, and it displays the type of emotions or reactions that are most associated with them, or vice versa. So if you are searching for a GIF of Michael Scott, you will most likely find GIFs associated with happiness.

Another tool lets you search through various emotions to find the most popular celebrity or fictional character. If you are searching for a GIF associated with the word “shrug,” for example, you will most likely find GIFs of Kanye West, Elmo, and Oprah Winfrey to convey that feeling of confusion or indifference.

These new interactive tools are based on data gathered by Google’s GIF and stickers search engine Tenor, which the company acquired in 2018. Google’s Trends team generated these tools by pulling information on what type of emotions, feelings, and reactions users were searching for in Tenor and examining which pop culture icons were selected.

Google also launched an emotional “fingerprint” tool, which allows you to search through a spectrum of emotions such as “happy” on one end and “crying” on the other end. Several dots scattered throughout show which celebrities or fictional characters best display the type of emotion you are trying to convey.

In an age where communication is primarily done either through emails, text messages, or social media, it can be very hard to express your emotions through a few words, which is why GIFs are so appealing. They add the additional context that’s needed to ensure you are conveying the most accurate representation of your emotions.

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