Holopoint brings masterful archery training to the Oculus Quest

Holopoint Quest TeaserSource: Alzan Studios, LLC

If you’re getting bored of Beat Saber and tired of working out in Superhot, a new kind of workout is headed to the Oculus Quest on September 10. Holopoint is an archery training game that’ll have you sweating and breathing hard as you launch arrows as ninja, samurai, and holographic targets that all shoot back. You’ll be ducking, dodging, and flipping every which way as you train to be the ultimate ninja archer in this skill-based game. The original Holopoint launched on PC VR headsets back in 2016 and featured 60 waves of enemies to progress through, each wave with its own set of challenges to complete.

Holopoint for the Oculus Quest is a particularly big deal because of the design of the Quest. As a wire-free standalone VR system, the Oculus Quest is perfectly suited for the 360-degree gameplay that awaits you in Holopoint. Enemies descend on you from all angles and positions, and ditching the wire that most PC VR headsets have should make this even more enjoyable than the original experience.

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Alzan Studios, the developer of Holopoint, hasn’t revealed many details yet other than the availability of the game on the Quest, so there’s no telling if this will just be the original title or if it’ll also include the Holopoint Chronicles campaign mode. At the very least, it will likely include the original wave-based mode as well as the time-trial mode, which can be used as a timed workout, of sorts. Holopoint retails for $15 on Steam and could rank among the best workout games on the Oculus Quest once it lands. Until then, check out the original trailer for the game below.

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