How to communicate with colleagues effectively while working from home

The COVID-19 lockdown seems like an indefinite period where most of us have been working from home. With employees staying at home, and using virtual tools to connect with colleagues – work communication can sometimes become very difficult.

Here are some easy and effective ways to straighten your communication with your peers:

Set your goals together:

It may be so that you and your colleagues work at different times but remember all employees work to fulfil the organisational goals. It will help immensely if before starting on a project, all employees get on a conference call. Make these calls or meetings small and effective with major focus on agenda for step. This would ensure proper execution.

Official mails:

There could be a lot of stages when the employees get stuck and probably need help. Use mails as a medium to get rid of doubts. If need be, make work groups where collective messaging can happen quickly.

Calls for official purpose:

In the COVID-19 times, no person would mind frequent calls from office. However calls should ideally come after the mails and massages. Finally a reminder call could be made in order to ask about the execution of work.

Regular video conferencing:

Virtual meet through video conferences at the end of each week are a good way to end a week. This also ensures that the people are participating actively in the conferences.

These are some of the effective ways to make your communication more worthy and fruitful.

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