Razer announces next-gen Kaira and Kaira Pro headsets for Xbox Series X, Series S

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are almost upon us, and players everywhere are preparing their set-ups for Microsoft’s next-gen gaming consoles. Razer has already announced that its existing Xbox One accessories will work on Series X and S, but are now taking it a step further with the announcement of their new wireless gaming headsets: the Razer Kaira and Kaira Pro.

The headsets are nearly identical apart from a few key differences, so let’s tackle the basics. Both of Razer’s new headsets feature Razer’s iconic black and green color scheme, but feature relatively understated designs that would look at home in the middle of an intense gaming session, or out and about and playing on your phone. They also pack in large 50mm drivers that Razer dubs “Triforce Titanium,” which should offer fantastic audio performance. And if you were worried about mic performance, Razer has you covered with a “Hyperclear Cardioid” mic handling vocal duties, which is removable on the more premium Kaira Pro.

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Where the headsets differ is in cross-platform support. Both headsets include Xbox Wireless support for the best connectivity and lowest latency with Xbox consoles like the Xbox Series X and S, but only the Kaira Pro includes Bluetooth 5.0 support to connect your headset to your PC or phone. With the Kaira Pro, you can take advantage of Xbox Cloud Gaming (Project xCloud) to play Xbox games on the go, or play some games through Xbox Game Pass for PC. Oh, and the Kaira Pro has Razer’s infamous Chroma RGB lighting, which is guaranteed to boost your gaming skills.

Razer’s new headsets are available starting today, coming in at a cool $100 for the base Razer Kaira, or an increased $150 for the cross-platform Razer Kaira Pro. If you were looking for a new next-gen headset to pair with your new Xbox Series X or Series S, Razer is always worth a consideration, but be sure to check out some of the best Xbox Series X and S headsets before making a final decision.

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