Super Bomberman R Online is now playable for free by anyone on Google Stadia

Joining Destiny 2: New Light, Super Bomberman R Online is only the second game to be available entirely for free to anyone and everyone on Google Stadia starting today. All you need to do to play right now is have an active Google account, so you can sign into Stadia and jump into the game using a compatible web browser, the Stadia app, or a compatible Chromecast device.

Super Bomberman R Online is a multiplayer-focused battle royale-style version of the classic Bomberman formula that pits 64-players against one another in a massive map to battle it out and be the last bomber standing. It even features a litany of iconic character skins from the wide range of Konami properties, such as Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, and even Castlevania characters. There’s even a ‘Bomber Pass’ with cosmetic rewards and emotes to equip as you level up, just like you’d find in other free-to-play battle royale games such as Fortnite.

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If you have a Stadia account, clicking this link should automatically launch the game in your browser. Previously the game was included in the Stadia Pro subscription as recently as this past September, but is now available for free for anyone to play using Stadia. You can play Stadia in your web browser using any gamepad or your keyboard and mouse.

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