Surviving the Aftermath is now available on Steam Early Access, Update 11 brings new quests and features

Surviving The Aftermath TrailerSource: Paradox Interactive

While survival strategy game Surviving the Aftermath has been available in early access on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview, today it launches into Steam Early Access. In addition to a new early access platform, Update 11 is here, bringing some new features and improvements to combat.

There’s a new trailer celebrating the launch of the game into Steam Early Access, which you can see below.

Update 11 introduces branching questlines, meaning there are different missions that players will choose between depending on the routes and options taken. Combat is also seeing some changes, as bandits are a lot tougher now and can regenerate health. Outside of these major additions, there are some subtle improvements to the tech tree, colonist info panel and several other features.

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Paradox Interactive and Iceflake Studios are continuing to work on Surviving the Aftermath, which is scheduled to leave early access and launch in full at some point in 2021. When it does, it’ll be available on PC platforms, Xbox One and PS4.

Apocalyptic survival

Surviving the Aftermath

Keep your community alive.

Surviving the Aftermath is an intense community-building survival game currently in early preview, where players have to strategically manage a group of hard-working survivors in the apocalypse. Can you keep everyone alive and turn a makeshift camp into a bustling town?

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