Two new Pre-Releases for ‘the Nether Update’ on Minecraft: Java Edition are out now

It’s hard not to be impressed with the rate at which Mojang Studios is working to ensure the Nether Update is absolutely perfect when it finally releases for Minecraft on every platform available. The Java Edition, at least, is in the final stage of development, leaving snapshots behind in favor of more stable Pre-Release builds. These builds are all bug fixes, and feature very little in the shape of exciting changes.

Mojang Studios is releasing two Pre-Release builds at the same time today, with a ton of new bug fixes and tiny tweaks that will hopefully make the game more polished for game day. There aren’t really any new features here, but we are getting tweaked spawn rates for hostile mobs in warped forest and soulsand valley biomes. Mojang Studios is also adding warnings for players attempting to play on the Fabulous graphics setting (added a few builds ago) without fully supported drivers. This should help prevent players from running to avoidable issues due to their graphics cards.

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Like most of the builds we’ve seen in the last few weeks, these ones are both pretty boring. However, every single one of these changes is important to help make the Nether Update feel like a cohesive and complete gaming experience. If you want to check out the full changelog, you can find that here. Otherwise, check out how to play any pre-release builds of Minecraft: Java Edition with our handy guide here.

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